“Behind the Scenes with Katy Perry: Maxim Magazine Photo Shoot in LA”

Katy Perry, the popular singer, was recently captured by photographer Yu Tsai for Maxim magazine in Los Angeles, USA. This photograph has been made available online and showcases Perry’s beauty and style.

Kim Kardashian criticizes Lindsay Lohan’s unexpected foreign accent and fires back at her former friend’s negative comments about her braids. Despite the fall season, Demi Lovato shows off her stunning swimsuit selfie, proving that she doesn’t care what others think. Additionally, Demi shares insights about her album documentary in a digital cover. Take a trip down memory lane with throwback photos of Lindsay Lohan. On another note, Katy Perry reportedly sold her music catalog to Litmus Music for $225 million. Stay up-to-date with the latest news on Wowi News, powered by WordPress and the Newses theme.

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