Capturing the Vibrant and Stunning Katy Perry for Maxim Magazine in the City of Angels

Katy Perry, the popular singer, was captured by the camera lens of Maxim Magazine in Los Angeles, USA. The picture was shared online and shows Katy Perry in a stunning pose. The photograph was taken by Yu Tsai, who works for Getty Images’ Contour division.

Kim Kardashian criticizes Lindsay Lohan’s sudden accent change and responds to the criticism of her braids. Meanwhile, Demi Lovato shows off her confidence with a sexy swimsuit selfie despite the current season being autumn. British model Brit Manuela also flaunts her curves in a tight outfit. In other news, Lindsay Lohan poses topless and confirms her return to work with a script. All these updates and more can be found on Wowi News, powered by WordPress and the Newses theme.

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