“Filipina’s 18th Birthday Bash with Hilarious ‘Low-Cost BTS’ Impersonators Wins Over ARMYs”

The very first performance was met with great appreciation!

A Filipino birthday celebration has become popular online for a fun reason! A TikTok user and member of the ARMY, @patchwita, recently shared a video of her sister’s “debut” birthday party in the Philippines. This event marks the 18th birthday of a female celebrant and often features performances by the birthday girl, her family, and friends. In this case, the brother of a BTS fan and his friends wore suits and entertained guests with their K-Pop dance moves!

The band performed a rendition of BTS’s popular track “Boy With Luv” (featuring Halsey) from their album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA (released in 2019).

As soon as the birthday girl took on Halsey’s part and her grandfather revealed something during the chorus, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause.

The background screen at the event displayed the headline “BTS and Halsey’s ‘Boy With Luv’ sets record for highest Billboard Hot 100 debut for a K-Pop group,” possibly for those in attendance who were not familiar with K-Pop culture. Despite this, many of them knew about the popular song and even shouted out the fan chant for “Boy With Luv.”

The video gained immense popularity online in the Philippines and has garnered over 92,000 likes on TikTok. The internet users responded with enthusiasm to the “low budget BTS” performance, leaving comments such as “This is incredibly entertaining,” “I would love to see each member’s identity,” and “I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire video.”

The source of this information is TikTok’s “What’s Happening Around the World” section.

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