Gal Gadot – Goddess of Mount Olympus

Having been criticized by fans, Gal Gadot still shows that she is the “Wonder Woman” everyone has always wanted.

Gal Gadot was born on April 30, 1985 in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel into a Jewish family of German and Northern European descent. Gal Gadot’s grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust, while the beauty’s father was an engineer and her mother was a teacher. Gal Gadot’s dream was to become a lawyer, but she was too beautiful, so fate did not let her original wish come true. Gal Gadot’s mother advised her to go to the beauty pageant when she saw her daughter taking a short vacation.

Not only a beauty queen but also a soldier

Gal Gadot decided to participate in the beauty contest with the purpose of experiencing and challenging herself. But what was unexpected for the beauty was that she won the title of Miss Israel 2004. Before she could get over the shock of holding the crown in her hand, Gal Gadot was shocked to realize that she had to participate in another contest, Miss Israel. Universe. Originally just wanting to join the army right after graduating from high school, Gal Gadot now has to participate in one competition after another.

“I was very naughty at that time, messing up everything. Honestly, I was a good girl, but because I was afraid of winning again. I was intentionally late to events. I even intentionally “I wore the wrong outfit. When the contest judge asked me a question, I even pretended to misunderstand what she meant. In the end, I succeeded in not winning” – Gal Gadot humorously recounted her arduous journey. It was difficult for the judges to fail in the final night.

Returning to her homeland after a heart-stopping competition, Gal Gadot joined the Israel Defense Forces. The beauty believes that it is a civic duty and joining the military is not a personal matter but to learn discipline and concentration. After two years of serving in her country’s army, Gal Gadot immediately enrolled in law school to realize her dream of becoming a lawyer. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until someone contacted her and invited her to audition.

Losing the role of Bond Girl is not necessarily a bad thing

The casting director flew from England to Israel to search for a beautiful woman to transform into a Bond Girl. Gal Gadot did not mind when she received this news, her concern at that time was law: “There is no way I will attend auditions. I am studying law and international relations. As smart as me Why are you an actor?” But once she got into the auditions, Gal Gadot suddenly realized that becoming an actress brought more joy than pursuing a career in law.

Being rejected for the famous Bond Girl role in Quantum of Solace (2008) was clearly a good thing for this beauty. Because Olga Kurylenko is now struggling to escape the bland Bond Girl-like role throughout her career. The casting director realized that the beauty was suitable for the role of Gisele Harabo in Fast Furious (2009) so he introduced her to director Justin Lin. The director was immediately impressed with the beauty’s history of knowing how to use weapons proficiently.

In Fast Furious (2009), Gal Gadot transformed into a woman named Gisele Harabo who decided to abandon the Braga drug trafficking organization to help Dominic Toretto. The actress succeeds in portraying the image of a seductive, strong and personable woman. The beauty once sharedaout her role: “Most female roles today are poor girls with broken hearts. That’s why I love the Fast Furious series. I see Gisele as a supporting character. women with real power”.

The Israeli actress’s strong yet feminine appearance suddenly made her female co-stars become overshadowed. Gal Gadot is even considered the most popular beauty in the entire Fast Furious series. Gal Gadot’s memorable moment in the film series was when she took off her towel to show off her body in a purple swimsuit in Fast Five (2011). As for the sad part, it must be the scene of Gisele dying to save her lover’s life in Fast Furious 6 (2013).

A perfect Wonder Woman that few people expected

Fame once again came to Gal Gadot when the role of Wonder Woman was given to her. But before her role appeared on the big screen, Gal Gadot had to endure many detractors because her appearance was not close to the original. Comic book fans think the actress has too small breasts to transform into Wonder Woman. As for Gal Gadot, ignoring the gossip, the beauty carries out a strict exercise regimen to have the healthiest appearance possible.

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) premiered, Gal Gadot made those who laughed at her feel ashamed. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is a mysterious, seductive, personable, strong, dangerous and impossible to joke with woman. Standing between two muscular men, Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman still exudes the aura of a powerful female warrior. Director Zack Snyder also fully admitted: “Gal Gadot is clearly a perfect choice.”

The recently released solo film of the same name made the audience love Wonder Woman even more when revealing her past and ideals. Before meeting her comrades Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman was a princess of the Amazon land, born and raised on a paradise island and trained to become an unbeatable warrior. Because she wanted to bring peace to the whole world, the princess decided to leave her homeland to plunge into the fierce smoke of war.

Gal Gadot successfully led fans to follow Wonder Woman’s psychological transformation from when she was an innocent princess to becoming a brave warrior. Diana is sometimes just a little princess who is curious and curious about the human world. She is not afraid to invite strange men to sleep with her when they both escape from the island to London, England. But sometimes she is also extremely wild and rushes towards the enemy like a ferocious beast.

Fans will soon see Wonder Woman again in “Justice League” (2017) released at the end of the year.

The actress once excitedly shared her feelings: “I feel honored to have the opportunity to become an iconic heroine. I admire the character and what she protects – love, forgiveness , trust and truth”. As for the audience, they will also be happy to realize that they have the Wonder Woman that they have been waiting for day and night for so long. A Wonderful Girl capable of carrying the fate of the entire DC Cinematic Universe on her shoulders.

Gal Gadot and her husband at the “Wonder Woman” press conference

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