“Gal Gadot’s Journey to Success: Perseverance and Passion in Pursuing Her Dreams”

From Wonder Woman to the boldest and most daring villain, Gal Gadot is starring alongside Ryan Reynolds and ‘The Rock’ in her new film, while also becoming the cover star for Glamour Mexico and Latin America this November 2021. She’s back on the big screen (and one of our favorite streaming services) with her highly anticipated movie, ‘Red Notice’.

We reveal everything that this celebrity shared with us in an exclusive interview about their latest project with Netflix, the lessons they’ve learned, their beauty tips, and more! Keep reading to find out…

Gal Gadot has been featured twice on the cover of Glamour magazine. In an interview, she shared her joy in working with Rawson Thurber, the director of ‘Red Notice’ and the amazing Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. Despite the COVID-19 obstacles, she enjoyed filming the movie, and it was a lovely project. Gal had previously worked with both Ryan and Dwayne and felt comfortable being around them. She appreciated their generosity in terms of what they gave during the takes. Gal and Ryan’s families were in a “bubble” when they returned to film during the pandemic. They were isolated and could only go to set and back home. As a result, their children studied together, which was a wonderful experience. Gal believes that working with people you adore makes a significant difference, and she feels incredibly fortunate.

Exciting, funny, and surprising are the words used by the talented performer to describe ‘Red Notice’. You definitely have to watch it! (Photographer: Dudi Hasson)
Courtesy of Netflix.
My life mantra for dealing with bad days is to never give up and keep pursuing my dreams. When people see the success of others, I always make sure to remind them that it takes a lot of work, many rejections… You have to believe in yourself, and this is something that I also try to teach my daughters. To achieve results, they have to work hard. There is always a tomorrow, and tomorrow will be a new day.
Did you know that Gal underwent a very special training to shoot this movie?

You know what? I love that I have the opportunity to not just act, but also physically perform and do different poses. In ‘Alerta Roja’, we had to do a dance scene, and that was something I really enjoyed. We had rehearsals and a lot of preparation. Before filming, I trained and exercised to get in shape for the role. Then COVID hit, and like everyone else, I spent my days cooking, eating, drinking, and doing all the fun things everyone else was doing. But then I realized, “Oh no! We’re going back to filming and I have to be camera-ready.” Especially because there was a scene in a swimsuit that I had to feel comfortable in. So, I trained for several months before returning to the set. During filming, I would exercise every morning before leaving my house to go to the set. So, exercising became a part of my daily routine.

Gal Gadot encourages us to be kinder to ourselves and give our best, as captured in a photograph by Dudi Hasson. As for beauty and style tips, she works with a facial specialist from Israel named Karen Barto, who is her skin’s best friend. Karen brings her a variety of products that she uses in the morning and at night. Gal also suggests having a little black dress in the closet as it is timeless and something every woman should have.

According to the Israeli model and producer, there’s nothing like glamour to bring out the best in a woman. This statement was made during a photoshoot by photographer Dudi Hasson.

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