Growing Up with BTS V’s “Little Sister” Actress Rina Johnson

BTS has collaborated with numerous child stars, be it for their live performances or photoshoots. While all the members are known for their amiable nature towards children, V’s interactions with his “little sister” were particularly endearing.

In the year 2020, Rina Johnson, an actress, was featured in BTS’s “ON” music video where she played a crucial role alongside V. The music video showcased a dystopian world where they both embarked on a journey to a new and fearless universe.

When the recording took place, Rina was only 13 years old. Upon completing the shoot, she had only positive feedback for V and the other members of BTS. She even expressed her desire to collaborate with them again in the future. This information was sourced from HYBE Labels/YouTube.

During an interview with V from BANGTANTV on YouTube, Rina Johnson shared some interesting trivia about her time filming with him. She recalled a scene where they were both looking up at the sun and V asked if it was in her eyes, to which she replied that it was due to her sensitive eyes. Surprisingly, V also had sensitive eyes and would close them during breaks because of the bright sunlight. Since appearing in BTS’s “ON” music video, Rina has expanded her acting career by appearing in various television shows such as Totally Studios and Uncle Jimmy, as well as short films like Whisper of the Sea.

Rina Johnson, a 17-year-old actress, likes to keep her fans updated about her life on Instagram when she’s not busy acting. Recently, she attended her junior prom with her friends.

If you’re curious about the whereabouts of the stunning actress from BTS’s “War of Hormone” music video, look no further. In 2023, she’s more gorgeous than ever before. Check out the latest scoop from Rina JohnsonOfficial.

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