Happy Ending: Abandoned Pit Bull Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued from the Street

Pit Bulls are a breed of dogs that tend to have a polarizing effect on people’s opinions. However, Brinks the Pit Bull is a dog that most people can’t help but appreciate, regardless of their feelings towards the breed. Just take a look at that infectious smile!

As he roamed the bustling streets of Brooklyn, the lost Pitbull stumbled upon a friendly man and his furry companion. The man, Jon, and his dog, Demo, quickly formed a bond with the stray pup.

After discovering a lost dog, Jon made the compassionate decision to take care of Brinks temporarily until he could locate the rightful owner. However, despite Jon’s best efforts in monitoring missing dog reports and posting fliers, the attempts proved to be fruitless and after a month of searching, Jon ultimately decided to make Brinks a permanent member of his household.

Eleven months old may seem too young to leave a lasting impression, but Brinks is an exception. Even after almost 12 years, he’s still sporting a cheerful grin that has won over the hearts of more than 21,000 Instagram users.

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