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Take a stroll down memory lane with J-Lo as we showcase her hottest throwback photos from the ’90s to present day. Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson confesses that she isn’t built for social media because of her delicate ego. Kim K flaunts her eye-popping pink bikini look on a yacht alongside Marcus Hyde before his accident. Despite the mishap, Kim continues to pray for her close friend’s swift recovery and shares snaps from their recent Bali photoshoot, causing a stir online.

Kim showed off her beautiful body in a bright neon pink bikini from Triangl that costs just $80. The bikini was designed to give a subtle glimpse of underboob, making it even more attention-grabbing. Although she initially wore a robe, Kim eventually took it off and proudly displayed her toned physique.

Later on, the mom, accompanied by her three kids, was in a playful mood and decided to demonstrate her modeling skills while sitting on a swing designed for children. The stunning ocean view served as a perfect background as she struck several poses for Marcus, who was an expert photographer. Kim took a quick dip in the water, which Marcus was able to capture on camera. Her daughter North, on the other hand, spent her time playing at her mother’s feet but was not photographed.

Kim received some help from her sister Kourtney and former partner Scott Disick, joined by their kids, to care for her five-year-old. The family bonded aboard a luxurious yacht called Prana by Atzaro, which carries a steep price tag of $13,000 per night. This extravagant vessel boasts an extensive range of amenities, including beauty treatments, yoga classes, and a personal chef, making it the ultimate getaway for anyone in search of indulgence.

Kim felt awe-struck as she leapt from the deck into the sparkling, transparent water that surrounded her. While she was having the time of her life, Marcus busily snapped pictures of her exhilarating adventure. But Marcus’ life took a tragic turn when he was involved in a car accident in Malibu shortly after coming back home. This heartbreaking event prompted famous personalities such as Kim, Khloe, and Ariana Grande to express their support and well-wishes for his quick and complete recovery on social media.

Kim revealed that she’s currently on a quest to snap the ultimate picture. Nonetheless, she pointed out that she won’t be posting them on social media anytime soon, because she’s planning to compile them into a book. In addition, she conveyed her apprehension about Marcus Hyde’s well-being and hoped that he’ll recuperate swiftly. Marcus was instrumental in capturing iconic shots of Bo Derek sprinting on the seashore in the movie “10,” which contributed to Kim Kardashian’s ascent to stardom.

On a lovely Monday morning, he was cruising in his Mercedes AMG CLS down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when things took a turn for the worse. Regrettably, he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to veer off an embankment and plummet 200 feet down, resulting in the car’s demise. As per onlookers, it was quite a sight to behold.

TMZ has reported that the singer, who resides in LA, suffered from several seizures after the accident. Consequently, they were airlifted to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for treatment.

According to reports, he suffered a severe head injury, and the female who was with him was also hospitalized. Before the incident took place, Hyde had shared his enthusiasm on social media for taking a thrilling ride in speedy automobiles during the late hours of the night.

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