“Katy Perry Bares Sideboob in Vegas Show BTS Pics and Shares Fitness Goals Inspired by Adele and Ed Sheeran”

Katy Perry recently shared a smoking hot photo on her Instagram page, where she is flashing a bit of sideboob while posing topless. The 37-year-old popstar posted a behind-the-scenes picture from her Las Vegas residency show where she is seen leaning against a wall. In a recent interview, the singer also expressed her desire to get in shape like fellow artists Adele and Ed Sheeran.

'Do not hose down!' Katy Perry flashed a hint of sideboob while posing toplesss in a sizzling new album she posted to her Instagram page Thursday

Katy Perry recently shared a sizzling new album on her Instagram page, featuring a topless photo where she gave a glimpse of sideboob. The singer has just released a new dance single, “When I’m Gone,” and when asked to “trash talk” her competitors, she jokingly commented on Ed Sheeran and Adele’s transformations. In a faux-British accent, Katy stated that the two stars got real fit, and so will she. Katy, who recently became a mother to daughter Daisy Dove with fiancé Orlando Bloom, concluded by saying that she loves them and believes there’s room for all of them in the industry. Adele stunned her fans with her weight loss, while Katy herself has slimmed down and undergone laser eye surgery.

When you got it: The American Idol judge also flaunted her cleavage in a salmon corset, leaning forward toward the camera to heighten the effect

Katy Perry, the famous judge of American Idol, showed off her cleavage in a salmon corset and leaned forward towards the camera to enhance the effect. But from her recent pictures, it seems that she is already in excellent shape. In one snap, she turned away from the camera to prevent violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines regarding nudity. Katy stood beside a sign that read, “Do not hose down” and playfully teased in her caption, “let it burn baby,” along with the hashtag #WIG.

Pictured: Adele recently

Pictured: Adele at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2013

Katy has revealed that she is inspired by the body transformations of Adele and Ed Sheeran, and is planning to get in shape herself. She has even coined the acronym W.I.G. on social media for her new single with Swedish DJ Alesso, titled When I’m Gone. In a recent photo, Katy can be seen flaunting her cleavage in a salmon corset, while getting her makeup and hair done by Michael Anthony and Jesus Guerrero.

Trio: She appeared to be having her glam done, posing alongside makeup artist Michael Anthony (left) and hairstylist Jesus Guerrero (right)

The lovely Katy was seen getting ready for a glamorous event with makeup artist Michael Anthony and hairstylist Jesus Guerrero by her side. During the preparation, Katy tried on several outfits, including a stunning chain mail top that showed off her toned midriff. In addition to her stylish appearance, Katy is also a proud mother to her one-year-old daughter Daisy Dove with her fiancé Orlando Bloom who celebrated his 45th birthday on the same day. To celebrate her future husband’s special day, Katy shared a series of sultry photos of Orlando and wrote a heartfelt tribute in the caption.

Swanking about: Katy apparently tried on a number of outfits, including a chain mail top that allowed for a glimpse of her midriff

Katy was seen trying on various outfits, including a revealing chain mail top that showed off her midriff. It’s worth noting that Katy comes from a religious background, with both of her parents working as pastors. Despite this, she couldn’t help but gush about her fiancé Orlando Bloom on his 45th birthday, describing him as the kindest, deepest, most soulful, sexy, and strong man she knows. According to her, he has been a constant compass in her life and brings joy to every room he enters. She even refers to him as the love and light of her life, expressing gratitude for him and their daughter. The couple got engaged in 2019, with Orlando proposing with a ring rumored to be worth $5 million.

Hot couple: The Roar singer shares her daughter Daisy Dove, one, with her fiance Orlando Bloom who happened to be celebrating his 45th birthday on Thursday

The talented Roar vocalist is currently in a romantic relationship with Orlando Bloom, who coincidentally celebrated his 45th birthday on Thursday. Together, they share a beautiful daughter named Daisy Dove, who is just one year old.

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