“Katy Perry Flaunts Her Assets: A Peek at the Pop Star’s TikTok Shenanigans”

Katy Perry has recently made a stunning comeback on Instagram. On December 6th, she posted a set of glamorous photos showing off her blonde hair and wearing a beautiful gold strapless dress that showcased her cleavage. Despite being a busy mom these days, as she gave birth to her daughter Daisy Dove in August, Katy is ready to take social media by storm once again. Furthermore, not only has she returned to Instagram, but she’s also become active on TikTok.

Over the weekend, Katy Perry shared a set of stunning photos on her Instagram account. The “Daisies” singer looked like a goddess in a golden dress and matching jewelry with flicks of golden eyeshadow on her lids. Her Instagram caption read “M🤎THER”. Her friends could not resist commenting on the post; Katharine Foster wrote “Really beautiful,” while Chelsea Handler responded with emojis. Even the official American Idol account commented, “Wow, Mom!!!” However, the pop star got cheeky with her fans on TikTok when she shared a hilarious clip of herself wearing cobalt blue pleather trench coat walking down a runway to the tune of her song “What Makes a Woman.” As the words “Power, Attitude, Style, Confidence, and Sex” appeared on the screen, she jokingly lifted her trench coat to reveal her Spanx undershorts, playfully revealing what makes her a woman. The clip garnered over 1.5 million views from her fans. Despite looking good, Katy admits to getting a little help.

Katy Perry has been sporting a new and glamorous look lately, and it turns out her secret is her waist-length hair extensions. Refinery 29 reports that the singer has been flaunting her old Hollywood waves on social media, featuring her new blonde extensions styled in subtle waves. The credit for her new style goes to Jesus Guerrero, who has been working with Katy for several years now. While it’s not her most dramatic look, it’s certainly different from the blonde bob she’s been donning recently. Earlier this year, Katy posted a selfie on Twitter with the message that if people can’t love her with her pixie cut, they don’t deserve her with her Goddess glow.

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