Katy Perry Flaunts Her Booty for Cameras

It was only a matter of time with such a short hemline. While out in London, Katy Perry accidentally revealed her backside when she bent over in her tiny mini skirt. The wardrobe malfunction was captured on camera as the singer left the Cirque Du Doir club in Soho. This mishap is sure to be a memorable moment for the ex-wife of Russell Brand.

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After her performance at the Capital FM’s Summer Time Ball, the popular singer of “Part of Me” was being guided back to her vehicle when she accidentally exposed a large portion of her buttocks by bending over too much. While most celebrities would be embarrassed by such an incident, Katy, who has a very attractive rear end, appeared unfazed by the fact that her backside was on display for all to see.

Katy Perry floors it after a night out in London - Mirror Online

Katy bravely flaunted her stunning figure in a mini dress paired with fishnet stockings, black boots, and a biker jacket as she ignored the lurking paparazzi and made her way to her waiting car. We admit that we would probably do the same if we had a bum like hers! Katy and Justin played at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in Wembley on Saturday night (09.06.12), and after Katy partied a little too hard at his bash held at Cirque Du Soir, she needed the help of her bodyguards, personal assistant, and famous friends to get her out safely. According to a source, Katy was thrilled to see Justin at the party and caught up with her good friend Jessie J.

Katy Perry Flashes Her Butt in a Nude Bodysuit at the MuchMusic Awards!

Soon enough, Katy had consumed several vodka cocktails, with both Ciroc and Belvedere bottles at her table. As the night progressed and it reached 5am, it became clear that she was struggling to walk and eventually fell to the ground. She remained on the floor for some time, requiring assistance from a couple of her friends to get back up. The situation drew attention from those around her, causing quite a scene. Even Max George, a member of The Wanted, offered help.

Katy Perry Shocks In Revealing Nude Bodysuit At MuchMusic Awards!

Katy went to the party with Rob Ackroyd and while getting into her car, she accidentally showed off a bit of her bum to the clubbers.

KATCHING MY I: Katy Perry in nude outfit at the MuchMusic Awards

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