Katy Perry lands surprising new job as she stuns in raunchy red bodice and chaps

POP star Katy Perry looks a fungi to be around — performing in a toadstool hat.

Katy also wore a red hot leather bodice and chaps as she sang in Reykjavik, Iceland, ahead of a cruise ship’s maiden voyage.

Katy Perry sported a mushroom hat and chaps as she performed in Iceland Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Katy Perry’s show in Reykjavik was to mark the christening of the Norwegian Prima cruise shipCredit: GettyNo news on the crowd size but there wasn’t mushroom for stragglers.

Earlier this year, Katy revealed that she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom are in “couples therapy” after she has been seen not wearing her ring.

On Chelsea Handler’s podcast, she said it was due to “resentment issues.”

“Your partners usually see your best and your worst sides because they are there to be your mirrors”, the 37-year-old said.

“Orlando and I do couple’s therapy.

“And we love it because it just keeps us in tune.”

She went on to say that resentment can get in the way when both people in the relationship are working hard.

“God bless successful people in the spotlight,” the Teenage Dream singer continued.

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