Katy Perry Lets Loose and Calls Out Lady GaGa with No Holds Barred

Amidst the widespread adoration for Lady Gaga in the music industry, Katy Perry seems to be an exception. The 25-year-old pop star criticized the “Bad Romance” singer’s approach towards using provocative tactics and religion in her music, as revealed in Rolling Stone magazine’s recent issue.

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Growing up with parents who were pastors in a deeply religious household, Katy Perry acknowledges that her provocative lyrics and image may seem contradictory. Despite this, she expresses concern about the use of religious symbolism inappropriately by others, such as her fiancé Russell Brand using the Lord’s name in vain and Lady Gaga putting a rosary in her mouth. Perry believes that combining sexuality and spirituality can lead to negative consequences.

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Once again admitting her flaws and throwing some shade at GaGa, Perry shares with the famous magazine:
“I may have sung about kissing a girl, but I never mentioned doing it while engaging in sacrilegious acts.”

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For the second time, the famous singer of ‘California Gurls’ has criticized GaGa. Perry had previously tweeted in June, after the release of GaGa’s controversial ‘Alejandro’ video, that using blasphemy as entertainment is as low as a comedian making a fart joke.

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Wow, can you believe there’s so much drama in the world of pop music? It’s crazy!

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