“Katy Perry Opens Up About Going Teetotal for Three Months to Overcome Dark Times During Album Creation”

Hot or cold? A crass Katy Perry appears on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, this Friday

What’s your preference – warmth or chill? The always bold and unfiltered Katy Perry will be making an appearance on Alan Carr’s talk show, Chatty Man, this upcoming Friday.

She kissed a girl: Katy appears on the camp show alongside Bruce Forsyth and Lee Mack

Katy made an appearance on a camp show, sharing the stage with Bruce Forsyth and Lee Mack. During her time there, she kissed another woman.

Not that's a camp dress: Katy upped her camp appeal by wearing a reflective dress with matching shoes

Wow, Katy Perry is really embracing the camp theme with her latest outfit choice! She was spotted wearing a shiny reflective dress that definitely stands out in a crowd. To complete the look, she even wore matching shoes that matched the metallic sheen of her dress. Talk about commitment to the theme!

Strictly speaking: Bruce Forsyth pictured with Alan ahead of the show

In literal terms: A snapshot of Bruce Forsyth standing alongside Alan just before the commencement of the show.

Nice to see him (to see him nice): Bruce looked a picture of health on the show

It was great to see him so healthy and vibrant: Bruce appeared to be in excellent shape during his appearance on the program.

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