“Katy Perry shares her emotional journey of a three-month teetotal detox for her new album”

Hot or cold? A crass Katy Perry appears on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, this Friday

What’s your preference, hot or cold? This upcoming Friday, Katy Perry will be a guest on Alan Carr’s talk show, Chatty Man. Be prepared for some unfiltered conversation from the singer.

She kissed a girl: Katy appears on the camp show alongside Bruce Forsyth and Lee Mack

Katy made an appearance on a camp show, sharing the stage with Bruce Forsyth and Lee Mack. During her time there, she locked lips with another woman.

Not that's a camp dress: Katy upped her camp appeal by wearing a reflective dress with matching shoes

Wow, now that’s what you call a camp dress! Katy Perry really turned up the fun and playful vibe by sporting a shiny reflective dress paired with shoes that perfectly complemented her look.

Strictly speaking: Bruce Forsyth pictured with Alan ahead of the show

In the photo, Bruce Forsyth can be seen standing beside Alan, just before the start of the show.

Nice to see him (to see him nice): Bruce looked a picture of health on the show

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