“Katy Perry Shines as the Patriotic Star of the Kids’ Inaugural Concert”

Pin Up: Katy Perry headlined the Kids Inaugural concert on Saturday evening in Washington

Katy Perry was the main act for the Kids Inaugural concert held on Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Stars and Stripes: Katy wore an imaginative Uncle Sam style costume for her performance

Katy donned a creative outfit inspired by Uncle Sam during her show.

Hot pants: Katy started her performance in a skirt before revealing her red and white hot pants on beneath

Hot pants: Katy started her performance in a skirt before revealing her red and white hot pants on beneath

Katy kicked off her show wearing a skirt, but soon surprised the audience by revealing red and white hot pants underneath.

Salute: Katy had a particularly coordinated outfit which included a little hat and a red ribbon around her neck

Hey there! Katy was looking pretty snazzy with her matching accessories – a cute little hat and a stylish red ribbon tied around her neck.

Let's dance: Katy performed a variety of her well-known songs including Firework

Let’s groove: Katy put on a show with a range of her popular tunes, amongst them Firework.

Montage: As she performed a video played of Obama with various military families

While she gave her performance, a video was played featuring Obama interacting with several military families.

TV favourites: Glee's Darren Criss and Naya Rivera showed off their vocal talents during the evening

Darren Criss and Naya Rivera, popular stars from the TV show “Glee,” wowed the audience with their impressive singing skills at the event.

Stylish: Naya Rivera wore a tweed dress, while Darren wore appropriate red

Stylish: Naya Rivera wore a tweed dress, while Darren Criss wore appropriate red

Fashionable: Naya Rivera donned a chic tweed frock, while Darren Criss sported a fitting red ensemble.

Let's dance: Usher gave his usual very energetic performance when he took to the stage

Join in the fun: Usher once again left the audience energized with his lively performance during his recent stage appearance.

Pep talk: Usher spoke about the importance of youth activism, as well as the value of the sacrifices made by military children

Encouragement: Usher emphasized the significance of young people’s engagement in activism and highlighted the worth of sacrifices made by offspring of military personnel.

Black and red: Usher wore a pair of black leather trousers and leather jacket while he added colour with red trainers

Usher spiced up his outfit with a pop of red by donning black leather pants and a leather jacket, paired with vibrant red sneakers.

Heart and soul: The Soul Children of Chicago choir performed looking smart in their red blazers

The talented singers of the Soul Children of Chicago choir looked sharp in their stunning red blazers as they delivered a breathtaking performance from the depths of their hearts and souls.

Men in Black: Mindless Behavior gave an impressive performance in their smart black suits

The group Mindless Behavior wowed the audience with their stunning display, dressed in sleek black suits reminiscent of the iconic Men in Black.

Host: America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon oversaw the evening's entertainment

Presenter: The night’s entertainment was overseen by none other than Nick Cannon, the host of America’s Got Talent.

Fringe benefits: Michelle Obama gave a speech at the event honouring the children of military families

Additional perks: During a special ceremony recognizing the youth of military households, Michelle Obama delivered a speech.

Fun times: First lady Michelle Obama, took to the stage with her daughters Sasha (L) and Malia (R) who looked excited to be there

It was a delightful moment when the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, made an appearance on stage with her adorable daughters Sasha and Malia. The two girls were beaming with excitement to be there alongside their mother.

One and two: First lady Michelle Obama gave Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden a massive hug during the Kids' Inaugural

At the Kids’ Inaugural, Michelle Obama warmly embraced Jill Biden, the spouse of Vice President Joe Biden. It was a heartwarming moment between the two women.

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