Katy Perry stuns as the featured cover star for Cosmopolitan magazine’s worldwide edition

Katy Perry looks absolutely stunning as she strikes various poses for the cover of Cosmopolitan’s July issue. This is not just any ordinary cover though, as Katy is the first-ever global cover star for Cosmo, which means she will grace the covers of 62 different international editions of the magazine. The “Roar” singer can be seen wearing different outfits for each cover, including a dazzling multi-colored sequin zip-up playsuit and a gorgeous extreme thigh split slinky dress. One other cover has her wearing an eye-catching boob tube dress covered in pop art and donuts that look good enough to eat!

According to Katy, these two men are the ones that people would often choose to date if given the chance. She also shared with Chelsea that she’s trying her best to live in the present and not dwell on the past or worry about the future – a very Eckhart Tolle approach to life. Despite everything, she still has a lot of respect for John, and she believes he feels the same way. Although they may be inspired to write songs about each other, there’s no animosity between them.

Katy Perry is currently in London, delivering a series of shows for her Prismatic World Tour at the O2 Arena. During one of her gigs, she was presented with a pint of beer that came up through the stage along with her acoustic guitar. However, after taking a few sips and burping repeatedly, Katy decided to give it away to a fan in the crowd to avoid spreading her “cooties.” Prior to performing The One That Got Away, she humorously requested someone’s help in finishing the beer to prevent herself from burping throughout the song.

“I’m on a hunt for a particular individual, the one who got dragged here by his significant other. You, my good sir, fit the bill and now you’re stuck with my cooties for life.”

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