“Katy Perry’s Bold Fashion Statement: Rocking Vintage Bob Mackie with Campy Glamour”

Katy Perry is a big fan of throwbacks and themes and she nailed both at the red carpet event. The singer attended NBC’s Carol Burnett: 90 Years Of Laughter + Love and dressed appropriately in a special gown from Bob Mackie’s archives. Bob Mackie was the costume designer for The Carol Burnett Show.

Perry decided to wear a stunning Mackie gown with a fur-trimmed hood and complementing chandelier earrings. The gown, which was part of Mackie’s couture collection in 1989, was beautifully paired with Perry’s Twiggy-inspired lashes and a subtle pink lip color.

Perry has shown a fondness for Mackie’s designs in the past, and this recent outfit choice is no exception. Back in 2009, she wore vintage gowns from Mackie’s personal collection in her music video “Waking Up In Vegas.” It seems clear that Perry is a fan of the iconic designer’s work.

Additionally, in the same year, Katy Perry was questioned about her unique fashion sense and she referred to it as a combination of “Lucille Ball meets Bob Mackie.” She explained that her style is all about subtle hints and messages, where she wants people to understand the joke but also take a moment to ponder over it. Undoubtedly, this approach would receive approval from Carol Burnett.

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