“Katy Perry’s Eye-Popping Performance Outfit Leaves Little to the Imagination”

Katy Perry, who is known for her love of flamboyant attire, is also a big fan of the holiday season. Recently, she took her 68.2 million Instagram followers on a nostalgic trip by sharing a daring throwback picture of herself. The image showcases the starlet in a racy Santa’s little helper outfit that she wore during one of her past Christmas performances. The post received a lot of attention from her fans and followers.

Bustin' out: Katy Perry's craziest cleavage | Page Six

Making a bold fashion statement, the dark-haired vixen, now sporting a short peroxide hairstyle, found herself on Santa’s naughty list for revealing her ample cleavage in a daring low-cut outfit.

Without seeming to worry about the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction, the female singer leaned forward and gave the audience an intimate view of her chest. She wore a bold pair of tiny red pants for the occasion and paired them with fishnet tights and black platform boots. Fully aware of her revealing attire, the confident performer captioned the throwback photo with a humorous nod to the holiday season: “Throwback to when I made holidays a little more naughty.”

The post received a lot of positive feedback from fans, gathering almost one million likes in just 18 hours. One fan left a comment calling the person a “goddess” with heart-eyed emojis. Another requested that the long hair be brought back, to which another agreed and added a kissing face emoji, expressing how they missed the person’s dark hair.

Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Pentz, personally commented on the singer’s latest update on social media. The fans also shared their thoughts on the post. When Diplo commented, Katy replied by jokingly saying that he never lets her live. Previously, Katy was accused of demeaning Diplo when she ranked him third among her three most impressive lovers. She placed Orlando Bloom in second place and John Mayer in first in a candid conversation with James Corden.

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