Katy Perry’s Latest BFF Is None Other Than Celebrated Queer Artist Fletcher lal

Fletcher shared a bunch of photos and videos on her Instagram from Beyonce’s concert in Los Angeles, which included her hanging out with Katy Perry. The first picture was a cozy shot of them where it appeared as if they were about to kiss each other. Another snap showed them taking a selfie together while touching up their makeup in the restroom.

According to the caption, Fletcher believes that it’s the girls who rule the world, and this statement has caught the attention of their fans. The pictures of the duo are so lively that they have sparked excitement among their followers. Some people have even made jokes about how Fletcher might have posted the photos to provide some queer content for their fans.

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One fan expressed surprise at seeing Fletcher and Katy Perry together, saying it wasn’t something they had expected. Another fan commented on the pairing, calling it “all the gay content” they needed. Fletcher has previously identified as queer and doesn’t believe in strict labels when it comes to gender identity. She recently shared on Instagram that letting go of identities has been an important part of her healing journey, as clinging to specific narratives can lead to ongoing suffering.

Perry’s Choice of Clothing Sparks Speculation About Her Sexuality Among Fans
Fans are absolutely thrilled with the connection between Fletcher and Perry, especially after seeing photos of them hiking together with friends to celebrate Lauren Glucksman’s birthday. However, it was Perry’s choice of clothing that caught everyone’s attention. She was seen sporting a shirt that read “The Year of The Lesbian,” which has led to speculations about her sexuality among fans. One fan expressed their excitement over the photos on Twitter, stating that they were “so excited” to see Perry wearing the shirt and hanging out with Fletcher.

One of Katy Perry’s fans welcomed her to the lesbian community, referencing her previous admission of being curious about her sexuality. Perry acknowledged that her hit song “I Kissed a Girl” started a conversation but emphasized that she is simply a singer-songwriter who paints her fantasies into pop songs. It is inappropriate to assume Perry’s sexuality based on her clothing and social circle, and fans should not try to “out” her. The article also briefly mentions Demi Lovato’s performance at Jingle Ball and other fashion and beauty icons.

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