Katy Perry’s Neon Eyeliner: A Colorful Makeup Revolution in the Making ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ

We didn’t realize it until we saw it, but Katy Perry’s eyeliner on American Idol is everything we need to get ready this summer and be the most fashionable of our girl squad. We won’t even need a steady hand since it comes with adhesive eyeliner.

Los eyeliners a todo color (y acabado neรณn) seguirรกn revolucionando el mundo del maquillaje

Katy Perry has sparked a wild desire in us to dress from head to toe in neon colors. And yes, that also applies to our makeup because the celebrity has been flaunting a fluorescent eyeliner that has us all hyped up. Her makeup artist spilled the beans on the secret behind the look on Instagram.

delineador de ojos neon katy perry

We were going crazy trying to figure out how she achieved that realistic neon effect. As it turns out, it’s not your typical old-school eyeliner, but some really cool adhesive stickers from Simihaze brand that cost around 50 euros and create incredible aesthetic Euphoria effects. Photo credit goes to @manthony783.

Delineador De Ojos Neon Katy Perry

Don’t let the price hold you back because You Are The Princess by Prumie offers super similar options for less than two euros. With these options, you can create beauty looks fit for a goddess, diva, or queen like Katy Perry. Check out @manthony783’s photo for inspiration.

Delineador De Ojos Neon Katy Perry

Get ready to add some pop of neon and metallic colors to your eyes with the adhesive eye liners from You Are The Princess. These eye liners come at an affordable price of 1.99 euros, and they are perfect for those who want to add some fun and vibrancy to their makeup look. So, go ahead and grab these eye liners to make a bold statement with your eye makeup.

Delineador de ojos adhesivos en colores neรณn y metalizados de You Are The Princess

You Are The Princess has come up with a range of adhesive neon and metallic eyeliners that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Do note that the prices may have changed since the last review. Also, some of the links mentioned here are affiliate links, but rest assured that our editorial team has made the decision to introduce these products independently without any influence from brands or stores. Check out the photos by @manthony783 and available at Primor.

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