“Katy Perry’s Teetotal Detox: A Life-Changing Journey to Overcome a Dark Phase for her Album”

Katy Perry, the famous singer, recently shared on Alan Carr’s talk show that she underwent a three-month detox where she abstained from drinking alcohol as a way to cope with her difficult emotional phase. Perry, who went through a public split from her ex-husband Russell Brand in 2011, talked about her struggles over the past two years in the upcoming episode set to air on Friday.

Hot or cold? A crass Katy Perry appears on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, this Friday

Katy Perry will make an appearance on Alan Carr’s show, Chatty Man, this Friday. During her interview with Carr, Perry admitted that although it’s amusing to look back on it now, she did not find it fun during the time. She went through a phase where she had a lot of negative thoughts, but fortunately, they did not prevail. Perry’s new album consists of her self-reflection and inner work, focusing on how she can improve herself instead of pointing fingers and blaming others for her problems. She has taken full responsibility for her life and the direction it takes. Perry’s journey was certainly not an easy one, but she learned from it.

She kissed a girl: Katy appears on the camp show alongside Bruce Forsyth and Lee Mack

During her appearance on the camp show with Bruce Forsyth and Lee Mack, Katy Perry shared her personal methods for picking herself up. When host Carr asked what she did, she responded with a few hot toddies and an Absolutely Fabulous box set, explaining that she enjoys watching Patsy. She went on to explain that she also did a cleanse where she avoided alcohol for three months, took vitamins and supplements, went on hikes, meditated, and prayed. Despite all of her efforts, she believes that there was something cosmically happening that was looking out for her, but she still made sure to put her best foot forward with a positive attitude. The audience found her responses amusing.

Not that's a camp dress: Katy upped her camp appeal by wearing a reflective dress with matching shoes

Wow, Katy’s outfit is definitely campy! She took her look to the next level by wearing a reflective dress paired with matching shoes.

Strictly speaking: Bruce Forsyth pictured with Alan ahead of the show

In the show, an interview with the famous host of Strictly Come Dancing, Bruce Forsyth was also included. He shared his thoughts on his future in the show and stated that at his age, he realizes how fortunate he has been and that they are all living on borrowed time. Forsyth mentioned that he is grateful for everything that has happened to him and the opportunities he has had. Retirement is not an option for him, and even if it all ends tomorrow, he is content knowing that he has had a wonderful time and is truly grateful for it.

Nice to see him (to see him nice): Bruce looked a picture of health on the show

It was a pleasure to lay my eyes on him: Bruce appeared incredibly healthy during his appearance on the show.

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