“Katy Perry’s Unconventional Relationship Advice for V Festival Attendees: Rekindling with Ex-Boyfriends”

During her performance at the V Festival in Chelmsford on August 23rd, Katy Perry playfully encouraged all the ladies in attendance to send their ex-boyfriends a risqué message.

Addressing the audience gathered at the 4Music stage, the celebrity advised the ladies to send a themed voicemail message to their ex-partners based on her song ‘Ur So Gay’. She then proceeded to perform the popular track.

Katy Perry tells the ladies of V Festival to call their ex-boyfriends

Afterwards, she proposed that it’s best to “get rid of that number. Say goodbye to making drunk calls to it.”

Beforehand, Perry had put on a white guitar to perform her song “One Of The Boys”. Afterwards, she playfully sniffed her underarm while singing the lyrics, “I want to smell like roses, not a baseball team”.

“Hey guys, it’s day two of the V Festival. Can you believe how sweaty we all are? Speaking of which, anyone catching a whiff of something funky? Just kidding! Anyway, here’s my song ‘Hot N Cold’.” Perry then shared with the crowd that these V Festival performances would be among her final shows before heading back to the studio to work on her next album, the successor to 2008’s “One Of The Boys.”

Katy Perry performs at The V Festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, UK, Aug  23, 2009 | iPrime

As she took the stage adorned with charming white picket fences and delightful pink flamingos, Perry decided to share a little tidbit about her morning meal before launching into her rendition of Queen’s hit song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ for the crowd’s enjoyment.

Katy Perry performs at The V Festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, UK, Aug  23, 2009 | iPrime

This morning, I woke up feeling a tad English and decided to have baked beans with soldiers for breakfast. And now, here’s a song that also gives off an English vibe,” announced Perry as she kicked off the 1979 hit, prompting a massive singalong from the audience.

Katy Perry

At the end of her afternoon performance, Perry asked to see the prettiest lady in the audience. After scanning the front row, she selected a blonde woman whom she described as looking like a kitten and inquired if she had brought her Cherry Chapstick. Perry then energetically returned to the stage to conclude her show with the hit song “I Kissed A Girl.”

On her Twitter account, she expressed her delight with the performance by saying, “Wow, what a fantastic show! It was the perfect way to cap off an amazing year. Thank you to the Brits for putting on such an awesome event!”

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