Katy Perry’s Unexpected Career Move: Stepping Out in a Steamy Red Bodice and Chaps

Katy Perry was spotted performing in Reykjavik, Iceland, donning a unique toadstool hat that made her look like a fun person to hang out with. She also rocked a fiery red leather bodice and chaps, adding more heat to her performance before the cruise ship’s inaugural trip.

During her performance in Iceland, Katy Perry was photographed wearing a unique mushroom hat and chaps ensemble.

Katy Perry recently performed in Reykjavik to celebrate the christening of the Norwegian Prima cruise ship. While there is no information on the size of the audience, it was certainly a popular event as there wasn’t any room for latecomers. In other news, earlier this year, Katy opened up about attending couples therapy with her fiancé Orlando Bloom. She explained that this was due to some unresolved resentment issues between them. According to the 37-year-old singer, your partner often sees both your best and worst sides because they act like a mirror to reflect back at you.

My partner, Orlando, and I have started attending couple’s therapy. We find it really helpful in keeping us connected and on the same page. As we work hard to maintain our relationship, we’ve realized that resentment can sometimes creep in. I truly admire successful couples who manage to stay strong while in the spotlight.

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