Looking Ravishing in Rose: Katy Perry’s Pink Corset is a Nod to Madonna’s Iconic Look from 32 Years Ago

KATY Perry was channeling her inner Madonna when she donned a bra corset during her performance backstage on American Idol last Sunday. The baby pink outfit was reminiscent of the Jean Paul Gaultier corset that Madge wore 32 years ago during her Blond Ambition tour.

Katy Perry posed backstage in this baby pink bra corset

Katy Perry's Lace-Up Corset Minidress Is Giving Madonna

Katy Perry was spotted backstage wearing a delicate pink bra corset.

Madonna performed in the Jean Paul Gaultier item on her Blond Ambition tour

Katy Perry Channels 90s Madonna in Pink Corset Dress   Heels on 'Idol' –  Footwear News

Madonna’s iconic performance in a Jean Paul Gaultier outfit during her Blond Ambition tour is etched in the memory of many. Now, Katy Perry is poised to wow fans with her sixth album and Las Vegas residency named Play. The singer has been busy recording new tracks in the studio and there are rumors that she may collaborate with Madonna for a duet. Fans can’t wait to see what magic the two music icons create together. Fingers crossed that it happens soon!

Katy looks absolutely stunning as she watched contestants perform on American Idol

Katy is a sight to behold while she observes performers on American Idol. She appears absolutely stunning in the process.

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