“Miracle Pup Buddy: Freed from Burn Injuries Inflicted by Child, Receives Fresh Start!”

Buddy, the dog who has been through unimaginable cruelty, is finally seeing a glimmer of hope. Earlier this year, a child in Mississippi set Buddy on fire, leaving him with painful burn wounds. The poor pup had to endure life covered in bandages for months while he recovered. Thankfully, Buddy is now healed enough to live without his bandages and is continuing his road to recovery at Mississippi State Veterinary Hospital. With his eyes finally free of bandages, Buddy can now play with toys and explore the halls of the hospital. His personality has transformed since he can finally see again, according to the Tunica Humane Society.

The Tunica Humane Society shared an update on Buddy’s progress at Mississippi State, saying that his life has drastically improved. Gone are the days of heavy bandages covering his eyes, and he can now see. Buddy is loving every moment of his new life and his whole personality has transformed since he was first rescued. He’s now happy, playful and likes to walk around carrying a big ball in his mouth so that everyone can see it. Although Buddy will need future surgeries on his eyelids due to the burns on his face, for now, he is just enjoying being a dog again. The vets are making sure that he gets plenty of time outdoors and playtime. Buddy recently had his neuter surgery, which went well, and he will begin treatment for heartworms as he continues his recovery at Mississippi State.

Buddy, a dog under treatment by veterinary and humane society teams, has received immense support not only in person but also on social media. His recent health update has earned over 26,000 likes and approximately 5,300 well wishes on Facebook. The Humane Society has also designed t-shirts featuring Buddy’s face to demonstrate solidarity with the beloved dog.

Buddy, a lovable dog who has been through a lot, deserves all the care and affection he is receiving. He remains a sweet and loving canine despite his difficult experiences. The Tunica Humane Society is grateful for everyone’s love and kindness towards Buddy during his recovery process. Although it will take some time before Buddy can be adopted, there is already a lot of interest in this gentle pup.

The Tunica Humane Society expressed their gratitude to the numerous individuals who have been praying for Buddy, a dog in their care. They are grateful for the prayers that continue to be answered each day and hope that God will continue to bless this furry friend. To ensure the wellness of your own pet, consider subscribing to our email list, where we donate one meal to a shelter dog for every subscriber.

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