“My Purrfect Pal: The Tale of How a Cat Became the Best Buddy for my Preschooler”

This enormous feline is an expert at overcoming any challenge! Yuliya Minina, a Stary Oskol resident in Russia, firmly believes that her 3-year-old Maine Coon cat, Kefir, is the largest cat around. She enjoys sharing photos and videos of Kefir’s impressive size on Instagram and TikTok. One Instagram video, which has garnered over 2,000 likes, displays Kefir standing on his hind legs to open a door before venturing outside to luxuriate in the grass like a giant caterpillar. He then commandeers half of a reclining chair and scales a tree. Cat enthusiasts can’t resist commenting on this astonishing content!

Cat stands on his hind legs next to 4-year-old girl.

This feline is quite sizeable, almost reaching the height of a young girl who’s four years old.

Yuliya Minina poses with her cat Kefir as he sits in the window.

Say hello to Kefir, an absolutely stunning Maine Coon feline!

Kefir wears sunglasses and a black shirt as he sits behind the wheel of a car.

Kefir, an adorable cat showcased on @yuliyamnn’s Instagram account, dreams of becoming the biggest cat in the world. A recent Instagram post shows off Kefir’s stunning appearance, proving that this cat is truly remarkable.





One person expressed their excitement with a resounding “Wow!” while another praised Kefir’s intelligence. A year ago, Minina shared a video on her Instagram page featuring Kefir, the massive cat, who assisted her in the kitchen. This video showcased Kefir’s impressive size compared to her 4-year-old child and quickly became a sensation.

Kefir is known for his remarkable resemblance to the popular creamy milk beverage and his incredible size. Although there isn’t any recent information on his size, he weighed an astounding 28 pounds at just two years old in 2022. To put that into perspective, Kefir is larger than the average Maine Coon and some young children! Typically, male Maine Coons weigh in at about 18 pounds, while females are around 12 pounds. These magnificent animals can measure up to three feet long from nose to tail.

Back in 2022, Minina was fascinated by how Kefir, an ordinary kitten, transformed into a giant cat. She also noted that Maine Coons continue to grow for up to three or four years, which means that Kefir may still be maturing and could potentially surpass his current size in the future.

Kefir takes a mirror selfie.

Kefir possesses certain characteristics and attributes that are similar to those exhibited by people.

Kefir sits in a chair and wears big headphones.

The owner of Kefir loves to share the cute moments of their beloved pet on social media by posting pictures for their followers to enjoy. They take pleasure in showcasing their furry friend’s adorable side to the world.

Kefir stands on his hind legs against a cabinet with cat food on top.

Introducing Kefir, the lovable feline companion of Minina who has a unique trick up his sleeve – standing on his hind legs and grabbing objects. Though he’s known for being playful and gentle in nature, many people mistake him for a dog due to his appearance. As he’s grown older, Kefir has become smarter and bigger, which now poses a challenge for Minina during their cat naps together. Previously, it was easy for them to snuggle up, but now that he’s grown substantial in size, it’s become quite uncomfortable for Minina to sleep in the same position. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Kefir, so don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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