“Nature’s Muse: Katy Perry Shines on the Cover of Prism, Posing in a Serene Meadow”

Katy Perry seems to be switching things up a bit in her upcoming album’s artwork, which showcases her love for nature and the outdoors. The pop star, known for her bold animal print outfits in her last music video, Roar, exudes natural beauty as she poses amidst a field of flowers and butterflies for her album called Prism. Her luscious brown locks are left untouched, giving off a carefree and relaxed vibe.

Natural beauty: Katy Perry looks stunning in artwork for her latest album, Prism

Katy Perry’s natural beauty is showcased in the artwork for her newest album, Prism. She expressed her excitement on Twitter by announcing that fans can preview 90 seconds of each song on the album through the iTunes store. She ended her tweet by asking her followers if they were ready for the light.

Wild: The singer looks quite at home in the field wearing a pretty floral dress

At 28 years old, this individual is known for their quirky fashion sense, often sporting bold and playful outfits. However, they recently decided to switch things up and opt for a more serene and effortless look.

Prism: The singer was keen to emphasise the bright light for the album

The musician appears comfortable amidst nature donning a charming floral dress in the Wild photoshoot. In contrast, for Prism, Katy Perry sought to highlight the luminous illumination of the album. Additionally, in one of the pictures, the songstress seems to be wearing minimal clothing, save for a pair of understated cross earrings, while she is romantically involved with John Mayer, another artist.

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During an interview with MTV News, she explained that she decided to name her album Prism because she felt that she had finally opened herself up to new experiences and perspectives. This newfound sense of openness allowed her to create music that was inspired by self-reflection and personal growth.

Sunflowers: The singer looks to be wearing very little clothing in one of the photos

In one of the photos, it appears that the singer is dressed in minimal attire while surrounded by sunflowers.

Royal blue: Katy revealed to MTV News that she was inspired by 'letting in the light'

Katy Perry recently disclosed to MTV News that her inspiration for her latest album Prism came from “letting in the light.” She also gave a sneak peek into her new single, Unconditionally, which is a love song that she believes everyone will relate to regardless of age or gender. According to Katy, it’s her favorite song from the album. In addition, Katy is scheduled to perform at the upcoming MTV EMAs in Amsterdam alongside special guest Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy. Prism is set to release on October 22.

Tropical: The star chose a pretty lace dress as she stands among large plants

The celebrity opted for a lovely lace outfit as she poses amidst towering tropical foliage.

Excted: The album, Prism, is set for release on October 22

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