Pick Your Preferred Katy Perry Look in This Classic German TV Commercial: Blushing Beauty or Bold Bombshell with Wigs!

The bubbly singer, Katy Perry, has recently made an appearance in a TV advertisement for the German show Star Force. In the 90-second clip, she rocked three unique retro looks while grooving to her hit single “Teenage Dream”. Fans can now pick their favorite wig out of the three styles displayed by the pop sensation. It’s quite impressive that international TV spots are so creative and entertaining compared to the US. Which Katy style do you prefer? Do you like her blonde hair, styled as a robotic Marilyn Monroe?

Flying a rocket to the moon | Katy perry, Katy perry H๏τ, Katy

With fiery hair and a stylish flair, this person resembles a human version of Minnie Mouse. Their unique look is both eye-catching and trendsetting.

Katy Perry geht für Pro Sieben in die Luft - HORIZONT

With her brown hair and rocket ship, she looks like the latest icon for a retro burger joint straight out of the 1950s.

Katy Perry as Marilyn Monroe in symbolic red dress. | Katy perry pictures,  Katy perry, Katy perry pH๏τos

It’s clear that this young woman has a deep appreciation for wigs. Who knows, perhaps Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj could team up and start a Halloween costume store.

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