Scared Siberian Husky in Need of Urgent Rescue After Eating Rocks and Twigs to Survive.

When Mathieu Letourneau and Guillaume Lefevre spotted the Siberian husky later named “Willow”, they were unsure if it was a wild coyote or wolf, or just a domestic dog. While most drivers kept moving, the couple decided to stop and help. Letourneau recounted how he turned the car around and found the poor animal lying on the ground, weak and barely moving. It was clear that the dog was starving and needed warmth and care.

As Willow sat alone, two kind-hearted men approached her with a Subway sandwich. The hungry dog quickly devoured the food from their hands, much to their surprise. Letourneau and Lefevre were taken aback by how poorly cared for the Siberian husky was. They observed her matted fur, covered in dirt, and a strong odor emanating from her. The neglected pup looked like she had been living outside her entire life.

Lefevre commented on how Willow appeared as if she had been in a brawl. However, it’s important to note that Willow wasn’t a stray dog who had been living outdoors her entire life – she was actually owned by a twenty-something university student residing in Coquitlam.

The BC SPCA received a helpful tip from a neighbor of the owner who spotted the dog in media footage. The investigators of animal cruelty believe they have solid proof to proceed with charges under both the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. The dog, assumed to be between one or two years old, was discovered on January 31st weighing only 15 kilograms, which is below the standard weight of 24 kilograms for a dog of its age and breed.

According to officials from the BC SPCA, the animal they rescued had only one day to live. However, with the help of therapy and support, she is improving and expected to recover soon. Eileen Drever, the senior animal protection officer, observed that the animal was in a weak condition and could hardly stand when rescued. Interestingly, there was a twist of fate as the person who rescued the animal, Letourneau, had expressed his desire to adopt a rescue animal only a few hours earlier. He had recently moved to a pet-friendly apartment, and the timing and breed of the rescued animal perfectly aligned with his wish.

As someone who adores huskies, I was initially on the lookout for a similar breed of dog. Currently, I’m in talks with the BC SPCA regarding the adoption of Willow; however, she needs to recover her health first. In hindsight, my friend and I feel fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time. We don’t usually visit the area where we found Willow, as it was only our second trip to Maple Ridge. I’m thrilled that we were able to provide Willow with a second chance at life.

Should Willow’s adoption become official, Letourneau shares that the furry pup can look forward to a life filled with exciting camping trips, hiking adventures, and relaxing lakeside getaways. According to Letourneau, Whistler is nothing short of paradise for dogs, making it an ideal home for Willow. Those in favor of Willow’s adoption are optimistic that this devastating tragedy will have a heartwarming conclusion. After receiving exceptional care in a loving foster home, Willow was able to find her permanent residence last March.

According to Dawn, Willow is thriving in her new home. She’s happy to report that Willow has put on some weight and her coat has fully regrown. They’ve switched her to a raw diet which seems to be perfect for her sensitive stomach. Dawn gushes about Willow’s sweet personality and beautiful tail. She also notes that Willow enjoys lounging on the couch with her stuffed animals, spending time with her family, and going out for leisurely strolls.

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