“Scarlett Johansson’s Bodyguard: Always Ready for Shower Duty with Soap in Hand!”

Throughout the day, he carefully monitored her as she enjoyed the sun on her high-end cruise ship near Taormina, Italy. Scarlett Johansson’s protector seems to be a 24/7 professional, never taking a break. After a swim in the ocean, the bulky bodyguard was seen assisting the actress in cleaning herself with soap. It’s clear that he takes his job seriously.

Tough gig: Scarlett Johansson's bodyguard was on hand to help while she hosed herself down after a dip on her luxury cruise liner off Taormina, Italy

Scarlett Johansson’s bodyguard had a challenging job recently, as he helped her wash herself down following a swim on her luxurious cruise liner near Taormina, Italy. The 27-year-old actress confidently flaunted her stunning curves while enjoying the refreshing water and was clearly at ease with her companion. Though a couple of crew members briefly joined them, for the most part, the duo was alone. The bodyguard was spotted holding something that resembled soap while Scarlett showered, which showed his impressive dedication to his duties.

Let me get that for you: It looked as though Scarlett's bodyguard was holding soap

Allow me to assist you: Scarlett’s protector appeared to be clutching a bar of soap.

Never strays from her side: Scarlett's bodyguard certainly has an admirable work ethic

Scarlett’s bodyguard is incredibly dedicated as he never leaves her side. The actress was spotted relaxing on a boat with him and they were very touchy-feely while she sunbathed. Her boyfriend, an advertising executive, might be envious of their closeness. Scarlett’s stunning curves in a white string bikini stole the show, overshadowing the beautiful views of Sicily.

Old-school curves: Scarlett's white bikini had more than a hint of vintage Bond girl about it

Scarlett’s white bikini exuded a classic appeal with its vintage Bond girl-inspired curves.

Something wrong? It looked as though Scarlett's companion was looking rather closely at her face

Is there an issue? It seems like Scarlett’s associate is scrutinizing her facial features.

Crew assistance: Possibly Scarlett was suffering from a nosebleed

It’s possible that Scarlett might have been in need of some help with a nosebleed.

Under control: It looked as though the situation was being handled calmly

Everything seemed to be going smoothly as Scarlett lounged on the front deck of the boat. Her bodyguard also kept a close eye on her, even donning some tight black swim trunks. It’s unclear what he was anticipating while on the water, but he remained alert by Scarlett’s side. The two were so close that there was hardly any room for anyone else to join in. Sporting a white bikini reminiscent of James Bond, Scarlett was definitely the star of the show.

Spotted something in the water? The pair appeared to stop and look at something

Did you happen to notice something in the water? It seems like the duo paused and directed their attention towards it.

Ready to dive in! Scarlett's bodyguard was in prime position for some Baywatch-style action

Let’s get started! Scarlett’s protector was all set for some Baywatch-inspired moves.

Covered up: Scarlett wore a pretty loose pink dress after her dip

Scarlett donned a lovely flowy pink dress to cover up after her swim. She protected herself from the sun with a visor and shades, accompanied by two female pals and her attractive bodyguard. The group stayed refreshed by drinking water bottles while enjoying their boat ride, taking in the stunning scenery and capturing the moments with their cameras.

White hot: Laying out on a towel on the front deck of the vessel with a friend, Scarlett was the centre of attention in her white Bond-style two-piece

Enjoying the scorching sun, Scarlett and her friend were lounging on the front deck of the boat, both dressed in white. Scarlett’s Bond-inspired swimsuit made her the focus of everyone’s gaze.

On the job: The pair sunbathed together and were later joined by friends

While working, the duo enjoyed soaking up some rays side by side and were eventually accompanied by their buddies.

Ahoy there curves: Scarlett Johansson showed off her curves in a white bikini as she sailed around the Sicilian seas today

Hey, check out Scarlett Johansson flaunting her gorgeous figure in a stunning white bikini while cruising around the beautiful Sicilian waters. The actress is currently in Sicily to attend Dolce Gabbana’s Haute Couture Fashion Week and will be presenting their first-ever couture collection tonight. Scarlett has been associated with the fashion brand’s cosmetic line as a spokesmodel since 2009 and continues to represent them with great elegance and grace.

Relaxing time: Scarlett was joined by both male and female friends during the afternoon outing

Scarlett spent a leisurely afternoon with a mix of male and female companions.

Stretching out: Scarlett was keen to get an all-over tan

Scarlett was excited about sunbathing without any tan lines. Monica Bellucci and Isabella Rosselinni, who have also modeled for the same brand, are in town for tonight’s event. Scarlett’s career is on fire as she has been offered a whopping £13 million to feature in the sequel of Avengers Assemble.

Re-positioning: The actress made sure to get comfortable for her day out in the sun

The movie star ensured that she was at ease during her outdoor excursion.

Sun smart: The Avengers star shielded her face from the sun with a visor and wore sunglasses over her eyes

Being sun smart is important, and The Avengers star knows it. Scarlett Johansson was spotted wearing a visor and sunglasses to protect her face from the sun’s harmful rays. She’s not just protecting her skin though, she’s also raking in some serious cash. If negotiations go well, Scarlett will become the highest paid female actor of all time for her role as Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, in the upcoming Avengers 2. This monumental fee will surpass the £12.2 million Angelina Jolie received for her role in The Tourist back in 2010. Looks like Scarlett’s star power is on the rise!

Refreshed: Scarlett and her friends kept hydrated throughout the day

Revitalized: Scarlett and her buddies ensured they stayed hydrated all day long.

Taking a break: Scarlett is currently staying in Sicily to attend Dolce   Gabbana's first-ever couture collection presentation during Haute Couture Fashion Week this evening

Scarlett has decided to take a break in Sicily where she will be attending the debut of Dolce Gabbana’s first-ever couture collection presentation at Haute Couture Fashion Week tonight. The movie Avengers Assemble made £936 million at the box office and is now the third highest grossing movie in history. Scarlett is known as one of the main reasons for its success. According to a source from The Sun newspaper, producers believe that Scarlett’s involvement in the sequel is crucial since she is the only lead woman in the film. Male fans have been drawn to her due to her sex appeal, while her story appeal has captured the attention of critics as well. It is no surprise that Scarlett is considered the hottest star in Hollywood.

Out to sea: Earlier Scarlett was seen leaving the mainland to head out to sea

Offshore: Scarlett was spotted departing from the mainland to set sail on the open sea. As the lone female member of the Avengers, Scarlett emphasized earlier this year how her character can hold her own amongst her fellow teammates. She shared, “During a recent shoot featuring all the Avengers, Thor wielded his hammer, Cap carried his shield, Hawkeye aimed his bow and arrow, and Hulk towered over everyone. The camera then panned to me, armed with guns.”

Bohemian: The star wore a pretty white and purple sarong over her bikini

The celebrity donned a beautiful sarong in white and purple hues to complement her bikini. During the filming of the movie, the actress had an amusing conversation with Joss Whedon, the director. She asked him if she looked alright holding the guns, and he responded by calling her a “total bad-ass” and a “killing machine.” Besides appearing in Iron Man 2, the star has bagged roles in upcoming movies like Hancock 2 and Nick Fury. Rumour has it that the lead actors of Iron Man and Thor franchises – Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth – have been offered a 50% pay hike for the sequel.

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