“Sun, Sand, and Katy Perry: A Beach Getaway Fantasy Sparked by the Singer’s Sizzling Swimwear Display in Spain”

Katy Perry is not one to neglect leisure time, as she has shown on her current tour in Spain. Recently, she took a break from performing to enjoy the sun and sand at the beach in Ibiza. The paparazzi captured photos of her wearing a stylish black and white striped bikini as she dipped herself in the water. Just a few days before, Katy was spotted aboard a yacht in Formentera wearing yet another two-piece swimsuit, enjoying a fun day by the sea.

Katy’s ex-boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, was not seen around. She got back together with the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, and they announced their relationship on social media in April. To see more pictures of Katy enjoying her beach day, read on.

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