“Sun, Sea and a Swimsuit Scare: My Memoir of Snorkeling with Katy Perry in the Bahamas”

Katy Perry, a proud Californian, seems to be enjoying her time in the Bahamas. She recently spent a day unwinding at the beach wearing a stylish bandeau bikini top paired with ruffled low-rise bottoms. Katy even took the opportunity to go snorkeling at a popular location called the Cove, situated at Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau.

Bikini babe: Katy Perry showed off her flawless body in a pretty ruffled bikini in the Bahamas

During her recent Bahamas getaway, Katy Perry showed off her toned body while wearing a charming ruffled bathing suit.

Dip slip: Katy sampled the snorkelling in the Bahamas, holding onto her flimsy top as she came out of the water

Katy had a blast snorkelling in the Bahamas, but her swimsuit top caused some inconvenience once she got out of the water. She had to hold onto it firmly to prevent it from slipping off. Being a skilled 25-year-old singer, Katy has been putting in a lot of effort to get fit for her upcoming marriage to Russell Brand. Katy has been hitting the gym regularly and also following the 5 Factor Diet that involves consuming five meals a day, each consisting of five ingredients and taking only five minutes to prepare. According to reports, Katy has shed two dress sizes since starting the diet and is planning to sport a two-piece wedding outfit to show off her toned physique.

Cloud cover: Painted by artist Will cotton, Katy is pictured with just pink candy floss protecting her modesty on the cover of her forthcoming album Teenage Dream

Katy’s new album, Teenage Dream, has a unique cover which features a painting by Will Cotton. The artwork shows Katy covered in pink cotton candy, posing in a seductive manner. Despite putting in a lot of effort for the album release, Katy is currently enjoying her time in the Bahamas. Recently spotted at a water park with her friends, she seemed to be having a great time laughing and even greeting fans after a successful concert at the Grand Ballroom. Accompanying Katy on this trip are her brother David Hudson, assistant Suzanne Sansone and stylist Logan Horne. On Twitter, Katy expressed her excitement for this trip and mentioned how her friends were acting crazy.

Wedding plans: Katy and fiancé Russell Brand are planning to tie  the knot later this year

Katy and Russell Brand are planning to tie the knot later this year, but they’re keeping the details of their wedding a secret. Unlike their usual extravagant style, Katy has revealed that they plan on having a small ceremony with just a select group of people. They want to focus on love rather than having a wild party. On a separate note, the cover art for Katy’s upcoming album Teenage Dream has been unveiled. It features Katy floating on a cloud of candyfloss, created by artist Will Cotton who is known for his candy landscapes. Originally, Katy reached out to buy one of his paintings, but he was so inspired by her that he decided to make her the subject of his next piece.

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