“Sunshine Chic: Katy Perry’s Bold Yellow Dress Inspiration from Amanda Holden”

Katy Perry recently made a fashionable appearance on American Idol, wearing a stunning yellow dress with cutout details by the collar bone, leg, and hip. The dress was designed by Georgian fashion designer David Koma and is sold for £1,320. Interestingly, Katy’s dress resembled the one worn by Amanda Holden from Britain’s Got Talent, who donned the same David Koma dress during a red carpet event back in January.

As the show prepared to make a comeback after a two-year break, the star and her co-judges posed for the cameras at London Palladium Theatre. They were all dressed for a competition show and looked absolutely stunning. Katy was especially confident in her attire and even shared pictures of her outfit on her Instagram page.

In a recent post, Amanda shared a photo of BTS, comparing their appearance to a baby chick on the American Idol stage. Additionally, she posted photos of herself reuniting with her TV family while filming for Britain’s Got Talent. Amanda is known for wearing bright and revealing outfits on the show, which have caused controversy among some viewers who see them as too risqué for a family program. Despite this, Amanda has vowed to continue wearing such outfits in future seasons. Her skimpy dresses are often a topic of discussion amongst fans and critics alike.

Amanda plans to keep her wardrobe bold and daring for the 15th season of the popular ITV show. She expressed her desire to wear even more latex outfits, as she enjoyed wearing it during the auditions. Despite the major controversy surrounding the Julien Macdonald dress she wore in 2017, which received 663 complaints from viewers, Amanda has never been restricted by either Ofcom or ITV. According to sources, there has never been any directive given about what she can or cannot wear on the show.

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