“Unintentional Cheeky Surprise: Katy’s Crowd-Pleasing Moment at the Water Park”

Katy Perry showed her fans that she’s not like other celebrities who always look perfect in front of their fans. Recently, she visited a water park with her friends and had a great time without worrying about looking perfect. Her hair was completely flat due to the water and stuck to her head. She went to Raging Waters in San Dimas where she and her friends laughed and enjoyed themselves. While surfing down a chute, the water was so strong that it not only gave her a hairstyle similar to Justin Bieber’s brushed-forward lesbian do, but also pulled down her bikini bottoms, revealing her naked tush to the watching crowds. However, she didn’t seem to mind and laughed it off with her friends. Now, many people have a picture of Katy’s moon as their phone screensaver.

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