Unleashing the Fashionista in Her: Katy Perry Flaunts Her Sizzling Physique in Moschino’s Latest Campaign, Complete with Statement Accessories!

Katy Perry, the latest ambassador for Moschino, is taking her role seriously and promoting the brand through social media. She recently shared five new photos of herself modeling the fashion line’s clothing and accessories on Instagram. In one striking photo, she poses in a graffiti-print coat, revealing part of her body while holding a colorful chain bag and wearing gold pumps. Katy Perry is proving to be a valuable asset to Moschino’s marketing strategy.

Nearly naked: Katy Perry released a second image from her Moschino campaign on Instagram this morning

Katy Perry has unveiled a new picture from her Moschino campaign on Instagram, which shows her wearing minimal clothing.

Posing sans pants: Though Katy covered up more on top in the second campaign image she shared today, she still flaunted plenty of leg

Katy Perry has been sharing images from her latest fashion campaign, and although in the second image she covered up more on top, she still showed off a lot of leg. The photo received over 268,000 likes and almost 6,000 comments within just two hours of being uploaded. Another photo shows Katy wearing a purple sweater, an oversized quilted orange backpack, and two bucket hats. She also wasn’t wearing pants in this picture. In a third image, the singer is seen wearing bright blue, floor-length puffy coat, paired with thigh-high orange boots, a matching hat, and a large quilted bag. The remaining two photos show her dressed in a black motorcycle jacket featuring white graffiti print paired with knee-length denim shorts and a black and hot pink strapless gown adorned with graffiti designs.

Winter is coming: Katy looked ready for frigid weather as she modeled a puffy coat and thigh-high boots in her fourth photo from the campaign

The chilly season is on its way and Katy seems prepared for it. In the fourth snap of the campaign, she flaunts a fluffy coat and boots that go up to her thighs.

Street inspiration:  Katy posed in front of a graffiti covered building while wearing a black motorcycle jacket featuring white spray-painted words in another image 

On the streets, Katy struck a pose against a building that was covered in colorful graffiti. She sported a stylish black motorcycle jacket that had some catchy white spray-painted words on it, as seen in another picture.

Dramatic dress: Katy leaned against a spray-painted brick wall as she modeled a graffiti covered gown 

Katy recently modeled a graffiti-covered gown while leaning against a spray-painted brick wall, revealing that she is the new face of a fashion brand. She shared another 90s-inspired outfit on her account wearing a gold lamé brallete, black pencil skirt, and gold chains. In two campaign photos, she wore the same Kris Jenner-inspired wig that she wore at the Met Gala, where she also donned a Moschino gown. The first campaign image garnered more than 440,000 comments, with some finding her unrecognizable with short hair, which others claimed looked better than her long hair. Katy hinted at a surprise for her fans before sharing the snap and has previously worked with Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott, making their partnership seem like a natural choice.

Bling ring: Katy modeled a gold lamé brallete and patchwork denim jacket in her first campaign image

Katy donned a flashy bling ring as she posed for her debut campaign shot, sporting a shimmering gold lamé brallete and a stylish patchwork denim jacket.

Red carpet star: Katy, who is pictured with Moschino's creative director Jeremy Scott, wore the designer's graffiti print dress to the Met Ball

Katy Perry, the renowned celebrity, has been spotted wearing Moschino’s outfits on many occasions. At the Coachella Music Festival, she wore gold quilted bra and patchwork denim dungarees, matched with a jacket from the brand. Katy finished her look by wearing massive hoop earrings instead of gold chains. Recently, at the Met Ball red carpet, she turned heads with her bold Moschino gown featuring graffiti print similar to the one on her coat in the latest campaign image. The duo has also collaborated for several important events in each other’s lives. Jeremy Scott designed Katy’s looks for her Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year, and she posed on the runway for the debut of his fall 2014 collection for the Italian fashion house. Jeremy shared that he met Katy in 2008 during an event in Los Angeles with Lindsay Lohan, where she introduced herself, saying, “Hi, I’m a singer, and you’re my favorite designer. One day, I hope to wear your things onstage. My name is Katy Perry.”

Designer originals: Katy wore the gold bra featured in the ad to the Moschino party at the Coachella Music Festival in April 

Katy flaunted an exclusive designer piece at the Coachella Music Festival in April. The gold bra that she sported was showcased in an advertisement and was a one-of-a-kind creation.

Fast friends: Katy joined Jeremy and Anna Dello Russo (far right) at a Moschino Dinner during Milan Fashion Week in 2014 

Katy had a great time with her new pals Jeremy and Anna Dello Russo at a Moschino Dinner held in Milan Fashion Week back in 2014. They hit it off right away and became fast friends!

Model pose: Katy posed on the runway at Moscino's fall 2014 show, which featured Jeremy's debut collection (pictured), and the pop star wore his Moschino design to attend the U-Express Live press conference last year

Model pose: Katy posed on the runway at Moscino's fall 2014 show, which featured Jeremy's debut collection, and the pop star wore his Moschino design to attend the U-Express Live press conference last year (pictured)

In Moschino’s fall 2014 runway show, Katy struck a pose while modeling Jeremy’s debut collection. She dazzled the crowd in his Moschino apparel.

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