When Fawns Lost Their Mother, This German Shepherd Stepped Up to Care for Them With Paternal Instincts

Canines are truly one of the most amiable and embracing creatures that exist. This is the very reason why they’re such beloved domestic animals and exceptional companions. An excellent illustration of this is Sarge, a German Shepherd known for his kind disposition. Initially, Sarge had been a bit irritable, but his demeanor transformed entirely when he became the caretaker of Buckwheat, a small deer.

On Buckys_porch, an intriguing story is shared about Cheryl Stephen and her dog named Sarge. When Cheryl stumbled upon an abandoned fawn, she knew she had to bring it home to give it the care it needed. Little did she know that her loyal canine companion would become an unexpected foster dad to the helpless creatures. It’s an adorable tale of how even the toughest of dogs can have a soft spot for the innocent and vulnerable.

Buckwheat was discovered stranded in the middle of the road by Cheryl who stepped in to offer some much-needed assistance. When Buckwheat was brought to the house, Sarge immediately developed paternal instincts and took on the responsibility of raising the young deer.

Upon their initial encounter, it was evident that Sarge had a strong sense of guardianship towards the fawn. As expected, he wholeheartedly took Buckwheat under his wing and ensured its safety.

Buckys_porch described how Sarge embraced his new responsibility of fostering little Buckwheat. Sarge made sure to constantly monitor the baby deer’s movements and inserted himself into every activity. Whenever Buckwheat was eating or napping, Sarge would be nearby, watching out for him. As Buckwheat grew more confident in his movements and started playing, Sarge was always there to provide guidance and support. Sarge was fully committed to taking care of the little fawn.

Bucky’s Porch is a lovely place where a young deer named Buckwheat enjoys exploring the wide-open spaces with his loyal companion, Sarge. The little fawn has grown quite confident as he roams around, while Sarge always keeps a watchful eye out to ensure Buckwheat’s safety. Whenever Sarge senses that Buckwheat is venturing too far, he quickly guides him back to the security of the porch. Their friendship is heartwarming and delightful to watch!

Buckwheat, the deer that Sarge had been fostering, eventually reached adulthood and it was time for him to return to his natural habitat in the wild. But for Sarge, this was just the beginning of his journey as a caretaker for young deer.

Bucky’s Porch

Everyone in the neighborhood knew about the special bond that existed between Buckwheat and Sarge. The way Sarge had taken care of Buckwheat was nothing short of amazing. It wasn’t long before people started to take notice, and soon enough, Sarge was entrusted with another fawn.

And then another.

And before they knew it, Sarge and Cheryl had become the go-to people for wildlife rehabilitations dealing with orphaned or abandoned fawns. The cycle continued, and they were happy to help out however they could.

Bucky’s porch is the perfect place to witness Sarge’s newfound talent as the family’s deer-whisperer. He has taken on the role of caretaker for any fawns that wander onto their property, and it’s evident from his demeanor that he relishes in his job. Each new arrival brings him immense joy, and he never fails to treat them with the utmost care and kindness.

According to Cheryl, who spoke with The Dodo, Sarge is always the first to investigate any new fawn they bring in. His sniffing helps them determine whether the baby deer is in good health or if it needs medical attention.

Buckys_porch shared that not all stories about fawns end happily. It is possible for them to pass away even if Sarge does everything he can to save them. Sarge takes these losses personally no matter how long they have been caring for the fawn.

On buckys_porch, it’s evident that Sarge doesn’t let the occasional setbacks stop him from loving what he does with the fawns. He’s persistent in his efforts to care for them and provides the same love and enthusiasm to each one, just like he did with Buckwheat. Sarge’s dedication extends until a fawn is old enough to return to its natural habitat.

Bucky, the owner of Sarge and his porch, mentioned that the love between Sarge and his baby deer is mutual. The affection they share for each other is truly heartwarming. Cheryl shared that the fawns find comfort in the presence of Sarge, which explains why they are always drawn towards him.

Bucky’s Porch Instagram account showcases the heartwarming bond between Sarge and his foster fawns. Though Buckwheat may have initiated this lovely friendship, Sarge has embraced it wholeheartedly. The fawns under his care receive undivided attention and protection, which gives them a new lease on life. If you want to see more of Sarge’s heartwarming moments with deer, follow his family’s Instagram account.

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