When the Show Goes Wrong: Katy Perry Stranded on Saturn Platform at Nashville Concert

Katy Perry’s penchant for extravagant stage props backfired during her Nashville concert after she got stranded mid-air on a Saturn-shaped platform suspended by wires. Despite making light of the situation and joking that it was her first time getting “stuck in space,” Perry’s team was reportedly anxious about the technical difficulty. The pop star asked the audience for advice on what to do next, whether to share stories or sing another song. As the platform started to descend, Perry stagedived to avoid crushing the crowd, which was captured on video by fans. Perry, who turns 33 next week, also shared an admission about hearing a divine message during the performance.

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“Escape from Falling Platform: Katy Perry Jumps into Crowd to Save Fans in Tennessee”

During a performance in Tennessee, the lead vocalist of Roulette narrowly escaped being crushed by a lowering platform by jumping into the audience and saving fans. Meanwhile, Katy Perry had to leave the stage on foot due to the consequences of bringing her galactic-themed concert to Nashville. Despite this, she bravely jumped into the lively mosh pit, which a guard quickly escorted her out of. After the show, Perry expressed her gratitude towards Nashville for teaching her how to write a genuine song and thanked her fans for their support over the years.

Perry’s current Witness tour is filled with exciting elements, including dancers, flamingo puppets, a floating cuboid, fireworks, and even the famous Left Shark from the Super Bowl. Her next stop is Missouri’s Scottrade Center in St. Louis, where she will be joined by opener Noah Cyrus.

In other news, Perry confirmed to ET that she is single, and TMZ reports that she has been offered a $25M paycheck to judge the American Idol reboot, premiering on ABC in March. Additionally, a blonde contestant with a buzzcut has been confirmed as one of the judges for the 16th season of the show.

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